Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Gum Disease and How to Treat it

Did you know that 75% of adults have gum disease?  Gum disease – or gingivitis – is a bacterial infection of the tissues around the teeth.
If your gums bleed while brushing or flossing, even a little bit; or if your gums are red and shiny, tender and swollen, or not tightly adapted to your teeth; you are at very high risk of having gum disease.
Untreated gum disease will eventually spread to the bone that holds the teeth in place and cause them to loosen as the bone erodes.
Today, treatments are highly effective and gum disease can be controlled. Here is a typical example of how the treatment process works:
1. Following the diagnosis, the active treatment phase begins and includes a thorough cleaning of the teeth under the gums.
2. Four weeks later, we analyze your gums to measure their response to the treatment, and then we polish the teeth once more.
3. During the follow-up phase, we provide you with a special tooth paste and rinse along with an electric toothbrush so you can support the treatment at home.
4. Finally, we enter the maintenance phase and monitor the gums on a quarterly basis. Any problems are spotted and dealt with quickly.
With the right care, active therapy can keep gum disease under control and promote good oral health.
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